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XYZ Model Financial
The industry standard for financial reporting
in New Zealand
Embraced by accounting professionals for over 25 years,
XYZ Model Financial Statements continues to be the
industry standard for preparing financial reports.

Be confident you are prepared to adopt the mandatory financial reporting
standards and prepare complaint financial reports for For-Profit and
Not-For-Profit entities to meet increased complexity and regulation.

The XYZ Model Financial Statements product suite is tailored for the most
common entity types and client reporting requirements. Products within the suite
are suitable for all entities, including those reporting using Full NZ IFRS or NZ
IFRS Reduced Disclosure regimes, Tiers 1 through to 4 Not-for-Profit Public
Benefit entities, or those electing to use Special Purpose Financial Reporting.
How can XYZ Model Financial Statements help you?
Reduce risk of non-compliance
Provides current step-by-step guidance to
prepare compliant financial statements that
meet complex financial reporting regulation.
Save time
Increase efficiency with easy-to-use disclosure checklists, up-to-date model financial statements and the tools to conveniently categorised by different entity
Stay up-to-date
In one place, get the recent developments
and important changes to financial reporting
Why choose XYZ Model Financial Statements
For-Profit Entities
General Purpose Financial Statements
The go-to resource for entities preparing
general purpose financial statements,
including detailed financial statements
General Purpose Financial Statements
Provides practical fully worked examples
in applying the requirements of NZ
Accounting Standards.
Special Purpose Financial Statements
Simplifies the transition to the special
purpose financial reporting and assists
entities meet their continued financial
reporting obligations.
Not-For-Profit entities
All entities
Not for Profit
Helps users fully understand the
implications of the new Not-for-Profit
Public Benefit Entity regime and explains
how to apply the new standards.
Not for Profit Workbook
Supports the development of
Not-For-Profit financial reports by giving
fully worked examples of how to work
through and treat difficult types of items.
Financial Statements Disclosure
The go-to resource for entities currently
preparing financial statements under Tier
1 and Tier 2 for-profit accounting
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Disclosure Checklist
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General Purpose Workbook
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Explore more Solutions
XRB Financial Reporting
Standards database

When used in conjunction with XYZ Model Financial Statements, the new XRB Financial Reporting Standards database provides users with the important link between the XYZ Model Financial Statements and the complete accounting
standard, and how it should be applied in practice.

IFRS 16 Lease Toolkit

NZ IFRS 16 Leases impacts almost all businesses that rent or lease assets. Previously only finance
leases were required to be
recognised on a balance sheet. NZ IFRS 16 Leases extends this to operating leases, removing the
distinction in treatment between the two.

Accounting Q&A Bulletin

Using a real-life accounting issue faced by an accountant-in-practice the week before, the Accounting
Q&A bulletin services gives you the fully explained approach to understanding and dealing with that
financial reporting issue.

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